Monday, 4 June 2007

Pandemic of Pandemonium: The Pedantic Panda's Pyjama Pant Antics

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not point I'm telling you why. The manta claws are coming to town.

He know's where you are sleeping, he knows you masturbate.
He know's that your bean bag is filled slowly should slowly should slowly what? ...Mistake.

Oh the joys of going to class on a Sunday morning at 10am (only you arrive an hour late) only to discover that there is no class.
Well not class in the normal sense. I'm talking 5 people. Yes F I V E. Fan ta see stick.

And I forgot to mention... were they working on the game? Yes. Yes they were.

So what was the problem then.
Well. You see... there was no 'problem' in the normal sense.
They were working on the game. Very hard at work. Focusing ever so clearly on the task at hand. Carefully selecting elements. Quickly taking out the opposition. Healing their character.

Woah! Backtrack!

Yes yes yes. It was not OUR game they were working on. It was another's game. Plus they were not working on it. They were PLAYING it. Wasting precious time.

So what game was this you ask? Well, none other than the highly addictive Warcraft.

Ok. You'd expect the Project Manager to come in and start yelling right?

Yeah Right.
No such luck.

So here's me. Entering with the best intentions to do a full days work - suddenly being roped into playing a game of Warcraft.
I was told they had been waiting for me to arrive as well. So they could start playing.

This resulted in a full day of Warcraft. And zero work. Bahaha.

Oh well it was fun.

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jdex24 said...

don’t lie Joseph you were just as eager to play your work stopping friend "warcraft" just as much as the rest of us. Not a bad effort either.

However trying to make a class of just 5 work is almost impossible. One person whom has a problem needs another to help him/her. Unfortunately that person tended to be at home asleep in bed extremely hangover. How can a team work like that! We meet more dead ends than we solve.

I’ve had enough of telling people to turn up to class meetings. I’ve turned to the game marking criteria. Thus I will bitch and moan about everyone who doesn’t turn up to classes in the final 2000 word essay. Don’t think I’m not taking into consideration who turns up on time and does their work, or plays “educational games.” Ha-ha just for you mate.

There is method behind my madness, don’t fret my hairless friend. We will finish the game, then we can play a more entertaining game, “Steamshift”