Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Men Tour ~ Men tall or short - : Mentor or Mental : - I Meant all of you. Is that what I Meant or what?

Hi Jason,

My word of the day (on Google) is the following:

terse (adjective) Brief and to the point; effectively concise.
Synonyms:laconic, curt, crisp
Usage:The officer's orders were terse, but everyone understood his instructions.

So I'll keep it brief (for the sake of putting it to good use).

You gave me a B.



I think I might become a monk.

Lots of Love -


PS: I don't usually acknowledge these, but my horoscope (Scorpio) for today is:

"You may be pushed into an emotional confrontation if you feel that anyone has taken unfair advantage of your flexibility.
Instead of blaming others for their shortcomings, focus on how you feel rather than what they did or didn't do.
This strategy allows for the best possible outcome."

So... I feel like I've wasted many many [etc] hours on nothing. Hmmm...
Feeling now that maybe I should have opted for being on the animation team or something. At least you had something visible to mark with them, and they were only interrupted by the lead of their team.

My roles again:

- Logic [defaulted to lead] (too bad none of it was used, and the best puzzle went unmarked)

- Story - after Jared's loss, people went to me first. Cody and Cliff were busy.

- Research & Subject matter expert - Nuff said

- Sound - Too bad the Project Manager told me to go home on the morning the game was due. Waste of time again. Everything was ready (numbered, organised). I enjoyed the process though.

- Art - Backgrounds - completed 2 rooms, plus ended up consulting many people about the design of the rooms especially towards the end. It became easier that way, easier than consulting Dino (of whom was flat out doing rooms), being that I had to research reference images, then talk about the logic/story - this was for a few people anyway.

- Management - folder management, help files, organisation, support, advice - the stuff that goes unnoticed / taken for granted, like the pulse of our heart and hum of our nervous system - behind the scenes stuff... [and no I'm not trying to take Jesse's fire away, but these areas were sorely neglected].

... not to mention, I aimed at keeping people sane (perhaps in perceived sacrifice of my own sanity ~ i.e. my later blog entries) of whom were stressed out to the max. Some people just don't know how to handle pressure / issues aye.

- Hence, I was an emotional mentor and a source of cheap entertainment :P


You're thinking: "yeah good one Joseph, I've done the marking now... What the hell do you want from me???? (!!!!!)"
...and more than likely: "You idiot, I told you not to jump the shark!!!"

Me thinking: "I don't really care about the mark, as a mark, however that result is like me jumping into bed with the shark, then having him jump me and leave without paying for my service. In fact, this feels like I've been eaten by a huge Loan Shark. Do I need to explain that comparison?"



1. a paragraph, phrase, etc., added to a letter that has already been concluded and signed by the writer.
2. any addition or supplement, as one appended by a writer to a book to supply further information.

I'll take the second one in this context.

So much for being 'terse'.


In short:

"Give Everything. Expect Nothing."

I'm sorry Jason. Sometimes I just wonder if its worth it. I know in my heart that I put my soul into this paper.

The benefits I have reaped are entirely metaphysical, which to me is invaluable.

By the way. This letter shall be the last post on my blog. Feel free to drop comment


P.S : ~ Peace ~ I'll see you Monday! Really looking forward to your visual effects paper!!! Perception is fascinating.

PPS: If it came to the crunch, I think I'd rather be a monkey than a monk...