Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Sounds of Time - Part II: The Indefinite Rise of Illicit Culture

Fortunately for my furry friend's out there (panda's and the like, you know who you are) who actually care about the game, I have uncovered and excavated my lost filing system. The beautiful architecture has been unveiled in all it's deep complexity and inherent phantasmic stench.

Oh sorry I'm confused. No this time I'm referring to the non-research game. No, no, no. Not silly Warcraft (which is being played by some people in our class, they are deafeningly addicted. Yes I am referring to my insistent attempts at reviving the class from the grappling bond of awful turtle spirits).

The game this blog is based around.

So today I really did spend some time (far to much of my macho masochistic moments) quite confused over my briefcase placement. This ended up being deleted anyway, in favour of removing some of the stories from my dense filing system.

Speaking of witch.

I have been handed back to the game design team. Assigned with the task of incorporating imbedding audio into the rooms.
Hence, I am partially reverting back to one of my original roles... game compilation. I am quite happy with this as I have previously researched the induction of sound and music into AGS (being subject matter expert), and it seems logical to me.

Speaking of which.

I have had confirmation from Jason (our tutor) that he did not see my puzzles for the Asylum, which may very well have bumped our mark up a notch or two. I invested many hours on the perfection of this puzzle.
I feel that it is unjust that there was no verbal affirmation (that Jared, Cliff and I can recall) that we were to place all our completed puzzles in their appropriate folders on the server. For marking.

Yes. So that is my spiel.

I just had to look up how to spell spiel. I thought it was speil. Spee-ill. Spy-ell? Doesn't sound like that. Ah well. I suppose it would be spay-ill (like veil).
The peculiarities of The English Language.

We have Beta due next week.
I'm optimistic - others are less so.

We'll be fine.


Not I.

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