Wednesday, 23 May 2007

A Blip on my Folder. Shit for the Beholder.

Well this all seems too little too late. The rooms are looking like crappy cartoons - as if they were made in Flash (or even MS Paint) by a kid just out of primary school. I thought we had an 'art' team! No one told me that we'd become a forgery, committing fraud by stealing images and tracing over the top to make it appear as if they look good. And guess what? Sorry art team but they look completely shit. Congratulations for learning how to trace around an object and selecting a colour that kinda looks like the one underneath (except that in most cases the colour underneath isn't 'A' colour, but a range of tones and textures, potential displacement maps and shadow).

I suspect that graphic designers could do better backgrounds. Oh actually, I know that my mum could draw better. And she draws storage systems. But at least she actually DESIGNS them herself. Sure we agreed on cel-shading but no way was I expecting a 19th century cartoon. What about the lighting? What about all the camera angles we could have had? I mean the art team could have at least taken separate pictures and used them as reference. Ok I know a few people have done this - but too little. Good luck trying to get a job tracing stolen images (or lent) with a shape tool.

Having said this, the interiors are another story... it is harder to steal images that include assets that meet the specifications of the puzzles. Oh but I'm sure someone could steal another image to stick over the top and trace that as well.

Another issue I have with the interiors - actually virtually all the backgrounds that weren't traced: Did none of you EVER learn perspective? Yes perspective. Ok sure yes we know how to draw in perspective... well guess what! True perspective has curves. The horizon, the lines going towards the vanishing points. Yes, curves.

Also, on the topic of perception... a rectangle when looked straight on (perhaps a door), does not suddenly turn into a square when you rotate it (so it's on a wall perpendicular to the person). The width has to be shortened to make up for distance.

So why do I moan about this? Well for a number of reasons... cel-shading would have worked well if the environment was nicely proportioned. We're not making Taz, Hey Arnold! or Ren & Stimpy where distortion and exaggeration fit well with the style of show. We aren't making a damn comedy anymore ok? We're have a serious story [well ok semi-serious anyway - heh - the story does make me laugh... eef yoozzzz noze wat ah meeeen ow]

Perhaps it's because the Comedy Festival is on at the moment. I suspect it's rubbing off on the art team. Or maybe it's cos we're too scared to be digital designers? How easy is it too make a room in 3d? Fricken easy!!! So fudgingly simple. Oh and everyone gets so excited about Playstation games and Multi-Taps (that's what half the art team is doing now) I think someone needs to turn on the cold tap...

Reality check??? Remember to make something immersive it has to be as believable as possible. I'm pretty sure not many games are made in 2d for Playstation now. And I'm pretty sure there aren't enough jokes to justify calling our game a straight up comedy. I have yet to read the dialogue (just about to do that after this entry) but Cody says he has written some comedy to lighten the situation.

Ok I had to stop blogging cos was in class (aren't I naughty).
But you get the general gist. Nothing else I'm really worried.


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