Sunday, 27 May 2007

OH NO!!! Our Project Manager has fallen to the DARK SIDE!

AAAAAAAHHHH!!!! I fear we may all perish. The good one has been consumed by a terrible brain disease. He doesn't know between night and day, and cannot tell the time.

The fate of our lives rests upon the sooty shoulders of a scroungeful devilish advocator. Round up your wives! Hide your children! (especially the children, remember what happens to religious leaders once they have been tempted by the fruits of alien forces) For when he returns, he will devour all matter that crosses his path. None will be spared.

Spite my breath. Lick my revenge. You may call me a Pharisee. You may call me a Madman. You may accuse me of false prophecies... But I have spoken, so when thou discovers thine entrails making love with thy neighbour's foetus, thou shalt not blame thee.

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