Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Head to Head with the Story Team -- Teeming and Steaming

I shall nickname these meetings The Episoda's. Welcome. They shall haunt you for many tears to come.

Oh don't be scared. Just make sure you brought a spair pear of underwhere.

Air Piss Odour I:

This was a terrible incident. It involved "The Entire Story Team" attempting to decipher the psychology between four different personality traits. In my next blog I shall post a terrific breakdown of each person. It shall be rather quite splendid.
We all met at my house on a Sunday Morning. We presented our ideas. Which of course were in the early stages. This meant a lot of arguing, a lot of pissed off people, a lot of crying, a lot of depression and a lot of name calling. Luckily I managed to sneak in a nap which allowed me to keep things real.

Really and truly I felt at this stage as if I should hand myself over to the authorities. I was sick of it - the trauma - the fantastic ideas that were left in the open only to be shut down in an instant before allowing the idea to evolve or before letting the person explain themselves.

This was the end of the knuckle for me. I feel like shooting myself, and the others. In fact. I might just do it. You just wait.
You just wait.

Ok so here's the answer. I found it. It is genius. True genius.
Hmm... Shall I disclose it to the world? What a huge decision. I may just keep it to myself. But then again, who is to benefit from me hiding it inside my bony hollow?
No one? - - - - Exactly.
No 1. .No. 1

No. 2
Two is a crowd. A crowd of peaceful peacemakers.

Willing to negotiate.
Willing to listen.
Willing to submit ideas.
Willing to submit to ideas.

No. 3
Three is a crowd. A crowd of protestors.

Willing to argue
Willing to listen - unless someone else isn't.
Willing to yell.
Willing to kill.
erm... kill ideas that is.

No. 4
Four is a crowd. A riot.

Willing to Kill.
Willing to Destroy.
Willing to Humiliate.
Willing to Defecate.

References to obscenities are purely metaphorical. Unless otherwise stated.
If you are ever involved in any of the aforementioned scenarios then please take what I have said with a grain of assault.

The point is... Well you get the picture. The more people there are, the more egos are on the line, the more specialists there are and the harder it is to communicate. Perhaps this is only the case with brainstorming and idea generating.

Epic Soda II:

I went cliff hanging with Cliff. The puzzle man.
We went to the library. Managed to sneak a slot in the meeting room - a nice closed off area of the library dedicated to those that need some place to talk. We booked out. I mean - booked in. But booked away from the bribery. Look lair.

I spent most of the time clarifying the story and characters with him.
We discussed who was doing which puzzle. We also learnt a lot about each other as people - how we work and think etc.

Bare Persona III:

Meet and Greet and the wonderful Information Commons at The University of Auckland. Wish I knew about this facility sooner.
This was the entire foursome of us.

Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk. All fairly puzzling.

I had another disagreement with Cody. AAAAH the drawbacks of communication...
Resolved after the meeting.

Ear Purrs, Sew Dirt VI:

This was a complete waste of time.
I feared for my life.
It was like something had been ripped out of my life.
A whole day. Wasted. Lost. Castrated.

It was meant to be a day when we would present the story to the Art Team and the rest of the class. Of course this happened and Cody and Myself did the honours [for the ears of those who turned up] but the Art Lead was asleep anyway, on the floor. Quite funny really. So much for "Art Lead". More like "Art Dead".

Watch your thoughts, they become your words;
Watch your words, they become your actions;
Watch your actions, for they become your deeds;
Watch your deeds, they become your character;
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny!

Thankyou for reading The Episoda's.

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jdex24 said...

ok i agree with the Connotations of too many cooks spoil the broth. and the name iridesecnt was an idea from jason and i agreed that it was the best name but no one else in the class seemed to like it.