Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Personality Traitor

As promised I am to detail my personal perceptions of the personality and work habits of each of the story team - Jared, Cody, Cliff. Plus Jesse our Project Manager.

These are of whom I am working most closely with at the current time. I will continue this throughout the assignment for each person that I feel the need to understand as a person, so essentially this must be treated as a work in progress.

I am hoping this will help me better my relationship with these people, as it has been evident that such complex demeanours as communicative dissonance and psychological withdrawal need to be addressed by myself, if not anyone else.

If YOU are reading this, you may have a natural instinct to react to and challenge any observations I have made that could be seen as a negative judgement. Please read this with an open mind. These are but my opinions and passive interpretations. I will approach any criticisms with caution and empathy.

Maybe this exercise will give these people some insight into themselves which they may not have been conscious of before.

I will also reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses. A self-analysis if you will.
I will be brutally harsh on myself, so people are aware of my flaws. This will motivate me to iron out these imperfections [my suspicions are that many will need more like a full dryclean].

So here we go:

First up -


Jared is an interesting character. He is generally reserved and quiet in social situations. Which has meant I have had to dig deeper and see what is really in there.
Jared is strong minded and will hold onto his opinions and ideas with a passion, this gives him a definite edge and a lingering intensity to his persona. He is considerate, especially when it comes to morals and beliefs.

If there is a disagreement, you will know about it. Suddenly, all communication is cut off and Jared's gaze wanders elsewhere... his lips become tight and sure enough a few moments later, he will more than likely state it how it is. "I don't like it." or "No." Often followed by a sour look with a hint of relief in it.
Jared is elusive - I found it had been difficult to ascertain his intellectual capabilities for quite some time. Jared's promotion to Story Lead has forced him to present his ideas and to showcase his skills as an intense and assertive social creature.


Just being in the same room as Cody has a profound affect on ones serotonin levels. Most would probably initially perceive Cody as an extrovert - likely activated from his theatre and directing background.
He is a powerful leader because of his ability to address an audience and keep them on track - focused on the task at hand. People tend to look up to him for the same reason as "when someone makes us laugh, we temporarily give ourselves over to that person".
Cody is disciplined and motivated. He is also strong minded and is not easily deterred by others. If he has a belief, he stays by this. Even if others do not. I have found that he is easy to negotiate with however - Cody will meet you half way.

I speculate that Cody is more logical and rational than many others amongst the team. He is a realist. This is an asset.

I find Cody is easy and fun to converse with, as he has a wealth of experience behind him and his vast knowledge of film references from which to draw comparisons from always fascinates me.

I find it has been difficult to become close to Cody, his

Cody is easily bemused by any suggestions / ideas that are incongruent or quite unusual. An idea or criticism questioning that isn't justified will be scathingly criticized and likely discarded soon after due to his powerful social influence.

Ok that's all I'm gonna do for now. I'll update this when I have the inspiration / time... sorry to those who are looking forward to reading about themselves!!!

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